Transliteration of References

Russian-language sources (written in the Cyrillic alphabet) in the references must be transliterated.

The References list is necessary for international databases, since GOSTs do not comply with international standards, which makes it difficult to automatically parse sources in international citation databases and ultimately leads to inadequate accounting of citations.

All authors of the publication are listed at the beginning of the source description in References (regardless of their number).

Список литературы References
Подъемно-транспортные  машины / В.В. Красников, З.Ф. Дубинин, В.Ф. Акимов [и др.]. – М.: Агропромиздат, 1987. – 272с. Krasnikov V.V., Dubinin Z.F., Akimov V.F. et al. Pod"emno- transportnye mashiny [Lifting and transport machines]. Moscow, Agropromizdat, 1987, 272 p.

In References linking to an article from a Russian-language journal, you should indicate either the transliterated title of the journal, or a translated one. The translated title can be taken from the official website of the journal. In the case when the journal does not have an official title in English, transliteration must be provided in References.

For example, a journal has an official title in English.

Список литературы References
Кондратьев Н.С., Трусов П.В. Механизмы образования зародышей рекристаллизации в металлах при термомеханической обработке // Вестник Пермского национального исследовательского политехнического университета.    Механика.    –    2016. – №4. –     С.      151–174.     DOI: 10.15593/perm.mech/2016.4.09 Kondratev N.S., Trusov P.V. Nucleation recrystallization mechanisms in metals at thermomechanical processing. PNRPU Mechanics Bulletin, 2016, No. 4, рр. 151-174. DOI: 10.15593/perm.mech/2016.4.09

The second situation is that the journal does not have an official title in English.

Список литературы References
Колмогоров А.Н. К статистической теории кристаллизации металлов // Изв. АН СССР. Серия Математика. – 1937. – Т. 1, № 3. – С. 355–359. Kolmogorov A.N. K statisticheskoi teorii kristallizatsii metallov [Statistical theory of metal crystallization]. Izvestiia Akademii nauk SSSR. Matematika, 1937, vol. 1, No. 3, pp. 355-359.

It is recommended to use online converters to transliterate the names of authors, titles of articles, books, publications. This approach will make it possible to unify data for international databases. These resources offer different transliteration options.

To obtain a transliterated list of references, you can use the program for transliterating Russian text into Latin on the website