Publication Ethics for Reviewers

All articles submitted to the Editorial Committee of a scientific journal undergo double "blind" scientific review.

  1. The reviewer is chosen by the Editorial Committee of the journal. 
  2. Co-authors or authors of articles cannot be reviewers of articles. 
  3. Reviewer formulates argumentative critical comments on relevance of the research, its compliance with journal’s direction, novelty and reliability of results, clarity of stating materials and represents own opinion in the form approved by the Editorial Committee. 
  4. Recommendations of reviewers are the basis for the Editorial Committee to take the final decision on publishing the article. 
  5. Reviewing must be unbiased and independent. 
  6. Critics to author’s personality by reviewer must be excluded. Articles are evaluated only on their content, irrespective to social-political views of authors.
  7. Reviewer must not review articles, which he is interested in and cannot use its content for self-profit. 
  8. Reviewers are obliged to inform the Editorial Committee on conflicts of interests in the process of reviewing articles in case of its occurrence.