Health Capital in Kazakhstan and Factors of its Development


  • Sayra Yessimzhanova Kenzhegali Sagadiyev University of International Business, Almaty, Kazakhstan



health capital factors, life expectancy, medicine, mortality, quality of health services


The article reveals the essence of health capital based on a review and theoretical analysis of scientific works of scientists on this topic. Based on the analysis of its development factors, negative trends in life expectancy and mortality caused by the pandemic were identified in Kazakhstan. The article also presents the results of quantitative studies conducted by interviewing patients, as well as an expert survey. These studies have identified existing problems in health care and made recommendations to address them. The pandemic and its consequences have seriously affected both the country’s economy and the quality of health capital in Kazakhstan. Along with other social and economic factors, the pandemic has led to a decrease in life expectancy and an increase in mortality in the country.  Studies have found that not all patients receiving treatment in medical institutions of Kazakhstan are satisfied with the quality of medical services received. The poor quality of health services not only exacerbates the diseases of patients, but also leads to significant economic costs for health care and society as a whole. The quality of medical services will be improved by increasing financing for healthcare, digitalization and the introduction of artificial intelligence in the industry, improving the skills of doctors and their salaries, using modern medical equipment, staffing medical personnel, timely prevention and promotion of a healthy lifestyle. The identified negative trends in the development of health capital in Kazakhstan point to the objective need to increase health spending, which are profitable investments that contribute to both increasing the productivity of workers and improving the health of the individual. To improve the quality of health capital, it is necessary to move from the concept of improving health care to the concept of monitoring, premature prevention and strengthening public health.

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Yessimzhanova, S. (2022). Health Capital in Kazakhstan and Factors of its Development. Eurasian Journal of Economic and Business Studies, 66(4), 43–54.