Impact of Brand Image and Quality on Purchasing Decision on Foreign Clothing Companies among Working Adults in Kazakhstan


  • Alisher Mamedov Management & Science University, Shah Alam, Malaysia
  • Abdol Ali Khatibi Management & Science University, Shah Alam, Malaysia
  • Jacquline Tham Management & Science University, Shah Alam, Malaysia



The research has been conducted to study the impact of brand image and Quality on the customer's purchasing behavior of imported brand clothing in Kazakhstan. The study's objectives were to investigate the factors influencing customer behavior, including brand image and Quality. As well as to investigate the influence of consumer behavior on buying decisions. This was a qualitative inquiry by definition. For this research, a random sample of 500 working persons in Astana city was chosen; however, only 408 of them participated and provided their responses as survey respondents. This study's participants were asked to fill out a questionnaire to gather data. Statistical software (SPSS) was used to analyze the data. To validate the hypothesis, the correlation was applied to the results. This study employs multivariate analysis to investigate consumer behavior and purchasing decisions, with the influence of the two predictors (brand image and Quality) weighed against the mixture of the two outcome variables. The correlation and multivariate analysis results indicate that Quality impacts both consumer behavior and purchasing decisions on foreign clothing companies, while the brand image does not deal with the customer's buying decision. Also, it has explored that consumer behavior has a positive association with their decision to buy from foreign clothing companies. This study will assist in gaining awareness of existing market tastes in Kazakhstan and how it will assist in estimating the customer's potential needs, desires, and desires, patterns.