International Educational Migration: Case of Kazakhstan


  • Kristina Zhalnina Kenzhegali Sagadiyev University of International Business, Almaty, Kazakhstan



migration, education, international relations, the youth, globalization, brain drain, foreign universities


This article is devoted to the issue of the current state of international educational migration from Kazakhstan. The article discussed the very essence of migration processes, the problems of this issue, identified the reasons for the increase in the number of those wishing to study abroad, considered the positive and negative consequences of the educational migration of Kazakhstanis and identified recommendations for stabilizing the issue of youth migration. With the development of globalization, the trend of getting education in foreign universities is increasing among young people. The multiple growth in the pace of development of educational migration around the world brings the formation of a carefully thought-out migration policy of states and the adaptation of foreign students to new living conditions to the very top of international agendas. In modern realities the issue of regulating educational migration in the Republic of Kazakhstan is becoming the most acute. Every year more and more young people from Kazakhstan prefer to get education abroad. For students there are a lot of advantages to get an education abroad. However, educational migration today has an impact on the state in several areas: the economy of states, foreign and social policy. And this influence is not always positive. The trend of educational migration of Kazakhstanis abroad carries the risks of a brain drain, since many young people after completing their studies in foreign institutions are in no hurry to return. With their foreign diploma they get a prestigious job and leave Kazakhstan forever. Today Kazakhstan needs effective mechanisms to prevent the outflow of students such as improving the quality of domestic education, facilitating the conditions for obtaining education, increasing the prestige of Kazakhstani universities, etc.