Theoretical Exploration of Consumer Behavior


  • Eduard Khegay LTD Innoforce Systems, Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • Sanzhar Aubakirov LTD Innoforce Systems, Almaty, Kazakhstan



This article discusses consumer behavior phenomena, its essence and several models and theories.  The purpose of the study is to determine consumer behavior patterns, types, necessity and application. In this article we determined a several definitions of consumer behavior. We also studied different theories and models of consumer behavior. The main research question is the following: What are the phenomena of consumer behavior and what kinds of consumer behavior models exist? All data has been collected from the secondary sources, including websites, books, articles, journals and scientific articles. As a result of this work we determined a several definitions of consumer behavior and comparison of them. In this work we also described models and theories of consumer behavior, determined by different authors. Current knowledge will be implemented in a future works, devoted to the identification of consumer behavior models in e-commerce. In the end of this work, we will conclude that consumer behavior analysis can positively effect on company’s revenue.


consumer behavior, decision-making process, consumer buying behavior, models of consumer behavior, theory of consumer behavior