The Evolutionary Role of Higher Education in Sustainable Development: Pandemic 2020–2021




This article investigates the role of higher education in the economic development of the country. The research aims to investigate the theoretical and methodological basis of the role of higher education and human capital in economic growth, evaluate the current state of higher education within pandemic COVID-19, and develop scientifically and applied recommendations to strengthen capacity and improve the competitiveness of human capital in the developing countries.

An analysis of the existing researches and debates is made. We defined the state of higher education in Kazakhstan and considered the changes in education within the context of COVID-19. We made multiple correlations and regression analysis based on the education coverage index and GDP(mln KZT), where defined the moderate correlation between two variables. Statistical data is studied in a period from 2000 to 2019.

This paper contributes to the literature by fulfilling a theory of human capital development in the knowledge economy, revealing the relational mechanism between higher education, sustainable development, and the economic boundary of this relationship. It also contributes to the further understanding of the role of higher education in economic development. This study result implies to strengthen capacity and improve the competitiveness of human capital, draft human capital development policy.

Keywords: SDG; COVID-19, human capital, higher education

Author Biography

Massimo Bianchi, University of Bologna

Full Professor (Retired) of the department of business science