Planning a Risk Management System for PPP projects to Increase the Competitiveness of Business Structures




Economics, Public-Private Partnership, Business Structures, Private Sector, Project, Planning, Risk Management, Management Mechanism


This article addresses the critical need for effective public-private partnership (further - PPP) models amidst economic, social, and political challenges in Kazakhstan. The results of the study are aimed at improving the identification of risks for making informed decisions. It delves into scientific achievements relevant to assessing business activity and nurturing entrepreneurial culture. Employing comparative analysis, the research examines domestic PPP practices, drawing insights from statistical data. The findings emphasize PPP's role in ensuring national economic competitiveness, with legislative improvements positively impacting growth. The analysis of foreign practices critically examines the evolution of public-private partnership (PPP) development in Kazakhstan by juxtaposing it with the experiences of leading nations. The United Kingdom has demonstrated successful partnership models based on transparency, clear terms, and mutually beneficial relationships, serving as an example for Kazakhstan in enhancing collaboration between the public and private sectors. The SWOT analysis identifies inefficiencies, stressing the importance of transparent project teams and systematic risk management. Sectoral insights highlight a decline in private sector involvement, emphasizing the need for regulatory improvements and risk reduction in PPP implementations. The study emphasizes PPP's indispensable role in Kazakhstan's socio-economic development, advocating for continuous reforms and advanced risk management. The proposed PPP project management algorithm aims to foster efficiency, address challenges, and stimulate economic activity, paving the way for sustainable infrastructure development.

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Nurmukhametov, N., Beketova , K., Khassenova , K., Yusupova , S., & Dubel , A. (2023). Planning a Risk Management System for PPP projects to Increase the Competitiveness of Business Structures. Eurasian Journal of Economic and Business Studies, 67(4), 23–37.