Logistical Processes Interaction Model Design in Agglomeration Development


  • Gulnar Sadykova University of International Business
  • Kanat Daubayev University of International Business
  • Aishakhanym Zhameshova University of International Business




urban agglomeration, logistics sustainability, logistical processes


Purpose of this study is to develop a logistics processes interaction model within the development of urban agglomeration, taking into account basic functional areas of logistics. Objectives of the study were to define the concept of "agglomeration logistics", to identify the main logistics processes of agglomeration, to calculate the logistics stability index (LSI) for the Almaty urban agglomeration

In this paper such research methods as text analysis, logic modeling, survey method of analysis of hierarchies were used.

The significance of the study lies in the development of a model explaining the nature of logistics processes interactions in Almaty urban agglomeration. The novelty of the research lies in adaptation and practical application of the methodology for assessing sustainability of urban agglomeration logistics and identifying most influencing factors in order to improve it.

The main results of the research are: formulating the concept of "agglomeration logistics", identifying interaction algorithms of the main agglomeration logistics processes and calculating the logistics stability index for Almaty agglomeration.

The following conclusions were made: there are problems of inefficient functioning of logistics processes within the agglomeration. Increasing number of road cargo and passengers has revealed the need to increase road transport network efficiency and carrying capacity; as a result of territorial structure, insufficient development of transport communications between the agglomerations ‘districts, loads on the road transport network increased, which led to violations of fundamental logistics` rules such as "just in time", "optimal route", "high delivery speed", which increases the load on logistics processes and hinders its integration; main constraints to the sustainability of logistics in Almaty agglomeration are air pollution and poor road safety.

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Sadykova, G., Daubayev, K. ., & Zhameshova, A. . (2020). Logistical Processes Interaction Model Design in Agglomeration Development. Eurasian Journal of Economic and Business Studies, 58(4), 26–51. https://doi.org/10.47703/ejebs.v4i58.34