Analysis of Features of Investment Attractiveness of Agriculture in Kazakhstan




Investment, Investment Activity, Investment Attractiveness, Agriculture, Agro-Industrial Complex, Economic Sector, Kazakhstan


The article reveals the peculiarities of increasing investment attractiveness in agriculture in the Republic of Kazakhstan, that is, starting from the first years of independence, the country creates favorable conditions for attracting domestic and foreign investments to the country's economy. The possibilities of reviving real production depend on the level of their accumulation and efficiency of use, especially during a change in the geopolitical situation, against the background of which Kazakhstan may occupy one of the best positions in the world in this industry. But at the same time, investment processes in agro-industrial, and in particular agricultural production have their own characteristics due to its specifics. Attracting investment in the agro-industrial complex is a multifaceted task that covers the entire range of possible financial, economic, legal and organizational resources. Which, in turn, are aimed at developing and using optimal and effective mechanisms for investing in the agricultural sector.

The study of the chosen topic was carried out using the following methods of cognition: dialectical method, method of theoretical analysis and synthesis of various sources of domestic and foreign literature, structural and functional method, system method, comparative method, description method, statistical methods of information processing, method of summarizing the information and materials obtained in this work.

Having studied the works of foreign and domestic scientists on the topic of research, as well as analyzing the main socio-economic indicators of agriculture in the member states of the Eurasian Economic Union and the world as a whole, the need to use a comprehensive assessment to determine the effectiveness of investment attractiveness in the agro-industrial complex of Kazakhstan has been proved.

Conclusion: Based on the study of this situation in the European and CIS countries, the main problems were identified and solutions were proposed to increase investment attractiveness in the agro-industrial complex, as well as methods for assessing them were systematized.

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Alibekova, V., Abildaev, S., & Shaldarbekova, K. (2023). Analysis of Features of Investment Attractiveness of Agriculture in Kazakhstan. Eurasian Journal of Economic and Business Studies, 67(2), 146–157.