Determination of the Role of Elements Affecting the Formation of the City Image of Turkestan




Branding, Tourism, Business, Economics, City Branding, Image, Turkistan


This study examines the influence of various factors on the branding process of Turkistan city and its impact on tourism development. Through a systematic analysis of relevant literature, the study aims to provide a foundation for urban branding by exploring perspectives, approaches, variables, methods, and related concepts. The analysis focuses on the impact of city branding on foreign tourists' perception of Turkistan and their decision to visit. Additionally, it investigates the tourism values associated with Turkistan and the perceptions of its residents. Statistical and empirical methods were employed in this research, utilizing the SPSS 22 program to analyze survey responses. Correlation, regression, and dispersion methods were used to derive the results. Descriptive statistics indicate that historical places play a significant role in strengthening the brand value perception of Turkistan. The study also highlights existing shortcomings in the city's tourism infrastructure and provides recommendations for improvement. Furthermore, the relationship between city image and city branding is considered, and future research could explore the connection between sustainability and urban branding, thereby contributing to the existing literature. 

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Nakhipbekova , S., Sadykov , Z., Abdiqadyr, N., Dzhaksilikov , A., & Kazakbayeva, T. (2023). Determination of the Role of Elements Affecting the Formation of the City Image of Turkestan. Eurasian Journal of Economic and Business Studies, 67(3), 72–84.