Internal Reasons for the Low Efficiency of QMS in many Kazakhstanis Enterprises




management, performance, QMS, organization, efficiency, ISO


The article presents the results of a comprehensive analysis of the information of domestic authors, as well as prominent scientists and experts from far and near abroad in the field of studying the problems of the influence of internal environment factors on the effectiveness of life, self-support and improvement of quality management systems (QMS) and total quality management (TQM) of companies and firms certified according to the criteria of international standards ISO 9000 series. A general global trend of a sharp decrease in customer interest in QMS and TQM certification to ISO requirements in all areas of production and services has been established over the past 10 years, including in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Thus, the number of certified enterprises of all levels according to ISO in the country today compared to the year 2010 has decreased three times. The authors believe that the solution to the problem of improving the efficiency of the QMS and TQM lies in the permanent improvement of the corporate culture of the personnel of the enterprise by the top management based on the transformation of their mentality through the development of the principles of leadership, process approach, job improvement, staff involvement and management of employee relations.

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Kushebayev, Z., Moldashev, G., Daurenbekova, K., & Jussibaliyeva, A. (2022). Internal Reasons for the Low Efficiency of QMS in many Kazakhstanis Enterprises. Eurasian Journal of Economic and Business Studies, 66(4), 76–85.