The Importance of Implementing Digitalization in Kazakhstan


  • Dinara Yermekbayeva University of International Business
  • Alina Rakhmatullina University of International Business



digitalization, “Digital Kazakhstan” program, digital economy, digitalization of the business, E-commerce


Goals and objectives of the research – The goal of the article is to analyze the international experience in implementing digitalization, both in the private and public sectors of the economy. The objectives of the article are the analysis of the digitalization implementation algorithm in foreign enterprises and the adaptation of this algorithm for most Kazakhstani entrepreneurs, taking into account the specifics of doing business in Kazakhstan. Investigation of logical chain, which introduces digitalization in large world companies. It begins from the first department that has undergone digitalization to obtaining the final result from the process for the company. 

Methodology – To solve the tasks set in the article we used system, logical, comparative-analytical methods. The provisions and conclusions are illustrated by statistical data presented in tables, diagrams, diagrams, accompanied by references to scientific literature and legal acts.

Results/Findings – The conclusion is made about the importance of implementing digitalization in business, regardless of the size of the enterprise itself. The examples of digitalization implementation in foreign companies are analyzed. Based on the analysis of foreign experience, an algorithm for the introduction of digitalization for most businesses in Kazakhstan has been compiled.

Novelty/Originality/Value – there are several factors that allow increasing digital technologies in all areas of industry in Kazakhstan. Digital technologies provide an incentive for the development of new areas in SMEs. This fact pushes to review legislation of the country and develop a transit direction in trade.

Theoretical or Practical Implications – The digitalization implementation algorithms discussed in the article in foreign companies and the algorithm for domestic entrepreneurs can be used both to improve business strategies by company leaders and government agencies in Kazakhstan to create an internal development program and encourage the introduction of new technologies and digitalization in state enterprises.