Use of Fish Resources and Prospects for Aquaculture Conservation in Water Bodies of West Kazakhstan Regions




Fish Resources, Analysis, Development, Innovative Technologies, Production, Business, Economy, Market, Laboratory, Services


The ability to meet the needs of the population in fish and fish products and its food security is one of the most acute problems in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The purpose of this study is to study the current state of fisheries in the Republic of Kazakhstan and to propose the development of fisheries in the West Kazakhstan region. Methods for studying of a condition of a fishery of Republic Kazakhstan statistical methods of the data analysis have been used, and exclusively the catch of fish and other water animals, and also dependence of physical volume of fish farming production on total quantity of the made production. In research topical questions of production capacity of fishing and fish-canning enterprises, by kinds and volumes of output production, economic indicators, and also on the enterprises which are carrying out purchase and realization of fish production, wholesale and retail trade, problems of marketing researches in the field of manufacture and safety of fish production are considered. Conclusions - proceeding from the received results it has been concluded that it is necessary to create laboratories and fish farming in autonomous objects, that will allow to develop innovative technologies of cultivation, conservation and replenishment of fish resources in water bodies of region, will provide educational base for training of future specialists, will create conditions for conservation and multiplication of fish resources of Kazakhstan, will increase food safety of the country, will solve key problems of fish industry development. Artificial fish farming involves intervention in the development of organisms in order to increase their productivity, such as regular restocking, feeding, protection from predators, etc.

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Bazarova, B., Kopbulsynova, B., Aidaraliyeva, A., & Talapbayeva, G. (2023). Use of Fish Resources and Prospects for Aquaculture Conservation in Water Bodies of West Kazakhstan Regions. Eurasian Journal of Economic and Business Studies, 67(3), 33–44.