The Importance of the Classification of Securities for Determining their Legal Status under the Legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan


  • Lola Tatarinova University of International Business



securities, classification, differences, legal status


Legal regulation of the international financial system in General and the securities market in particular is a problem that has a certain degree of importance and timeliness due to its determining influence on the world economy. Therefore, the analysis of existing approaches to the classification of securities, which is the subject of this article, is an important component of the Institute of legal security of securities. In this article, the author attempted to analyze the number of financial instruments that are recognized as securities in accordance with the current civil legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Given their considerable number, the question of their classification arises.

To achieve the goals of the study, the author widely used comparative legal analysis, which allowed us to identify the main differences and characteristics inherent in certain securities, according to the legislation of Kazakhstan.

The analysis carried out in this article is aimed at identifying the main classification features of securities, on the basis of which their legal status is determined under the national legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The main conclusions are concentrated on the table, the data of which are confirmed by both doctrinal sources and normative-legal ones.

A comprehensive study of the classification of securities will make it possible to better understand the main directions for determining the legal status of a particular security, which will solve many contradictions of modern legal regulation, which is characterized by incompleteness and the presence of extensive "gray" zones.

Also, the conclusion on the classification of securities from the point of view of the national legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan will allow for comprehensive legal regulation of the needs of participants in civil turnover.

The novelty is determined by the fact that the data obtained as a result of the study can give an impetus to the further development of market relations in the country by restoring a number of forgotten legal instruments used in the securities market.