Destination Management Approach for Sustainable Tourism Development in Kazakhstan


  • Klara Mamutova University of International Business



tourism destination, destination management organization (DMO), tourism management, public-private partnership


The research objectives include a review of international and national organizations in the field of tourism destination management; analyzes of cluster policy and public-private partnerships (PPPs), national tourism agencies and administrations of Kazakhstan; key factors identification of the DMOs effectiveness for the domestic and inbound tourism development in Kazakhstan. The article discusses the industry management system through DMOs, which at various levels play a key role in tourism destinations development. The author considers three levels of DMOs: national, regional and local; their goals, objectives, activities, legal status and budget, possible forms of management, role and authority. Cluster policy and PPPs as a form of management and development of tourism in Kazakhstan are new approaches. The author researched the principles of DMO management in the scientific and business environment. Based on the analysis, the affiliation of Kazakhstani DMOs by the level of destination management were identified, and the relevancy of implementation the DMO management model for sustainable tourism development in Kazakhstan was also justified.

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Mamutova, K. (2020). Destination Management Approach for Sustainable Tourism Development in Kazakhstan. Eurasian Journal of Economic and Business Studies, 56(2), 29–48.