Review of Foreign Experience in the Performance Audit of Tax and Customs Administration




Tax, Customs Administration, Сustoms Bodies, Administrative Expenses, Tax Authorities, Taxpayers


President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev’s State of the Nation Address, September 1, 2020 “Kazakhstan in a new reality: time for action” he stressed the need and importance of а fair redistribution of national income, thereby developing а tax policy that is understandable to all citizens of the country . At the same time, tax administration is complex and clearly coercive in nature. The message also emphasizes the need to diversify tax rates as an additional lever for diversifying the economy and supplementing the budget. International taxation standards require special attention in order to maximize the flow of foreign investments to Kazakhstan and profitable reinvestment. In addition, according to experts, GDP almost a third of them are in shadow countries - great potential for increasing budget revenues. Digitization of the tax and customs sectors will significantly help in the fight against the "shadow economy" in all its manifestations. The new budget planning system should ensure national priorities and become a subordinate part of the national planning system.Conducting an audit of the effectiveness of tax and customs administration is one of the main areas of external state audit, thereby determining the relevance of the research topic.

Given that the purpose of public audit is to improve the efficiency of management and use of budgetary funds, assets of the state and entities of the quasi-public sector, it became necessary to create a methodological framework for public audit that complies with the guidelines of the Lima Declaration and international audit standards. Additionally, as well as improve the legislative and methodological framework of the current system of public audit.

The article deals with the issue of performance audit of tax and customs administration, as well as foreign experience in performance audit of tax and customs administration. To achieve these goals, the topic of the concept of tax and customs administration is disclosed. Another resolved issue is foreign experience in performance audit of tax and customs administration.