Analysis of Labor Migration Processes in Kazakhstan: The EAEU Context


  • Alina Rakhmatullina University of International Business
  • Dinara Yermekbayeva University of International Business
  • Aisha Aidossova University of International Business



migration in Kazakhstan, labor migrants, EAEU countries


The goal of this paper is to analyze the migration processes of Kazakhstan in the EAEU context by exploring main labor migration indicators of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The paper seeks to discuss the general reasons of migration processes from Kazakhstan to the EAEU. Discussion of the migration process causes seeks to analyze indicators related to the labor migration.

The comparative analysis method was used for conducting the research and to analyze the main labor migration indicators as migration indicators by education, specialties, balance of international migration, number of involved immigrants. Data analysis sought to identify and understand the main causes of migration processes. The provisions and conclusions are illustrated by statistical data presented in tables, diagrams, accompanied by references to scientific literature and legal acts.

A detailed study of labor migration indicators allows us to judge the effectiveness of the policies of states that are as considered economic processes that represent objective opportunities for realizing the opportunities of both an individual and the population as a whole. According to the study, authors identified the most important specialties and education level in migration process and the proportion of immigrated labor migrants.

Novelty and value of the study is as follows.  The paper signals to government about brain drain in some specialties and people with specific education level and offers to revise the policy.

Findings suggest that government may undertake retention of citizens with specific education level and profession.

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Rakhmatullina, A., Yermekbayeva, D. ., & Aidossova, A. . (2020). Analysis of Labor Migration Processes in Kazakhstan: The EAEU Context. Eurasian Journal of Economic and Business Studies, 56(2), 5–17.