Publication Ethics for the Editorial Board

Editorial Board must do the followings within the established terms: 

  • in writing by e-mail, inform the author (s) about the receipt of the article and accompanying documents, their registration and acceptance for consideration;
  • make a decision on the basis of reviews and verification of compliance by the authors with the established rules for submission and execution of an article on its acceptance for publication, revision based on comments and comments of reviewers or rejection;
  • inform the author (s) in writing by e-mail about the decision of the Editorial Board on the publication status of the article;
  • to acquaint the author (and co-authors) with the received reviews without specifying the name of the reviewers;
  • send the article to the author (s) for revision in accordance with the comments of the reviewers;
  • send the article for final editing to the author (s) to eliminate the deficiencies indicated by the editor;
  • publish articles in the journal in the order of priority of their receipt on the journal's website;
  • inform the author by e-mail about the publication of his article on the website of the magazine "Eurasian Journal of Economic & Business Studies". 

Editorial Board provides: 

  • preservation of copyright;
  • compliance with the established deadlines for passing all stages of preparation and publication of the article;
  • interaction of all participants in the preparation of the article (author/authors, reviewers, editor);

The Editorial Board has the right to a final decision on the publication of the article or its rejection. 

Editorial Board: 

  • considers each message about the facts of non-compliance with publication ethics, regardless of the time of its receipt;
  • in case of confirmation of the facts of non-compliance with publication ethics, he must publish either refutations or apologies, as well as information about the completed revision of the article;
  • reports to the Editorial Board and the Chief Editor on compliance and/or on all violations of publication ethics at all stages of publication activities. 

Editorial Board takes measures for preventing and/or elimination of conflicts between participants of publishing activity at all stages.